1, 841 businesses shut down in Kosovo

1, 841 businesses shut down in Kosovo

Kosovo’s Central Bank (BQK) has announced that the number of new businesses registered until September 2016 was 8,173 or 820 businesses more than the previous year, while the number of businesses that was shut down for the same period was 8,173 or 606 businesses more than the previous year.

The latest data published in the fourth quarterly report of BQK indicate that in this period, the country’s public debt amounted to 842.1 million euros or 17% higher than September 2015.

Meanwhile, public debt has grown to 14.3% of GDP as opposed to 12.5% of GDP in the same period of the previous year. Also, trade deficit saw an annual growth of 8.7% until September 2016, as a result of the drop of exports and rise in imports.

Exports until September 2016 were 225.9 million euros, marking an annual drop of 9.9%. Meanwhile, the total value of imported goods until September 2016 was 2 billion euros, marking an annual growth of 6.3%.

Based on these data, BQK estimates that there is a drop of Direct Foreign Investments. Until September 2016, they amounted to 182.3 million euros, which presents a lower value than 268.5 million euros registered in the same period of 2015. /balkaneu.com/