Gas supply for Slovenia not a concern

Gas supply for Slovenia not a concern


Review Hari Stefanatos

According to Geoplin, Slovenia’s biggest gas supplier, the supply of natural gas in the country is expected to remain unaffected by the crisis in Ukraine, since there was no indications of problems combined with the fact that the company does not fully rely on Russian gas for its supply. About 50% of the company’s supply comes from Russia.

Geoplin said that they have enough reserves to provide with a stable supply in case of a disruption.

The concerns have to do with the fact that about 50% of the Russian gas delivered in Europe comes through Ukraine, however Geoplin pointed out that there are alternate ways with which Russian gas can be delivered, such as the North Stream pipeline.

In any case, the mild winter is giving way to even milder days, which results in a drop for gas demand.

(Source sloveniatimes)