Montenegro: NKT introduced new measures, opposition consider them politically motivated

Montenegro: NKT introduced new measures, opposition consider them politically motivated

Due to the resurgence of the coronavirus cases in Montenegro, new measures were brought in at the session of the National Coordination Body (NKT) held last night.

The National Coordination Body decided to ban political gatherings in open public places, the audience at sports events, religious gatherings in open public places except in the areas that belong to religious facilities. Funerals can be held within the family only.

Even if that seems like a reasonable decision, many opposition parties and citizens consider it a measure to prevent protests that are ongoing in several cities as well as the Serb Orthodox Church processions, which are organized as a protest against new Law on Religious Freedoms.

“The national coordination body is a dangerous toy in the hands of politicians who do not know about dialogue,” said the rector of the Cetinje seminary, Gojko Perović, to “Vijesti.”

He argues that since the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro, NKT has not had the slightest degree of understanding for the spiritual needs of the people.

“We do not have a state of emergency, nor do we respect the Constitution and laws – we are already moving in the fog of arbitrary assessments of those who are not guided by profession, but by their party affiliation. The doctors at NKT hurried to support the beating of the people under the direction of the same police command. Here we now read that these same people condemn their colleagues who stood for peace and prayer rallies”, Perović said.

The Democratic Front believes that “the cooperation between the NKT and the police, as DPS party cells, against the people of Montenegro, is an act that deserves deep contempt. The NKT has long existed only formally, while the police are only nominally the police. In fact, they are servants and thugs of the regime who serve the private interests of dictator Đukanović”.

NKT, they add, by supporting the police to beat the people and their representatives, showed how much they care about the health of the citizens, and finally, they publicly acknowledged what their intentions were all the time.

“Therefore, we know that the latest measures were introduced only to limit the rights and freedoms of citizens and to serve the regime to stop the peaceful but persistent public expression of people’s dissatisfaction with the regime”, the DF said.

The Socialist People’s Party considers scandalous the behaviour of the NKT, which, instead of doing its job, gives itself the right to provide “full support to the police” and its beatings.

“Yesterday’s assessment of the police’s actions is just proof that this body does not intend to deal with what it was founded for, but marketing and promoting the Government. In addition, the little trust they had with Montenegrin citizens, they lost with this act. We witness that one rule applies to representatives of the opposition and the faithful people, and the other to members and officials of the DPS. We cannot help but wonder what is the point of ordinary citizens respecting the measures when leading politicians in the country do not adhere to them!”, the SNP said in a statement.

But, the director of the Institute of Public Health (IPH), Boban Mugoša, said that the new measures of the National Coordination Body (NCC) were not politically motivated, nor were they adopted to stop SOC processions. Commenting on public speculation that last night’s NKT measures were adopted for political reasons, Mugoša said that they were guided solely by epidemiological purposes.

“We know that the biggest problem is that in places where people are crowded there is no compliance with the measures. This was observed in sports, political and other gatherings”, Mugoša said./ibna