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Skopje offers more priority to Russia than the EU

Skopje offers more priority to Russia than the EU
Skopje, July 1, 2013

With the agreement for the “Southern Stream” pipeline, Skopje has given more priority to Russia than the EU, making it a strategic partner.

This is clearly seen in article 9 of the Agreement that government in FYROM has signed with the Russian Federation for cooperation in the construction of the pipeline. With this article, FYROM escapes from the obligations that it has for accession in the EU which relate to the regulation of the free market.

According to article 9, Russian capital investment for the pipeline exceeds every restriction which may stem from the accession of FYROM in the EU. In case this pipeline is built, in many occasions, FYROM is not obliged to implement the European directives. Thus, according to the agreement, restrictions for foreign investments which would be applied in compliance with EU directives and regional agreements, would not be valid for the Russian pipeline.

According to experts for international issues and security, this article may have serious political implications in the relations of FYROM with the EU. /ibna/

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