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Serbia’s influence in Kosovo’s parliamentary elections

Serbia’s influence in Kosovo’s parliamentary elections
President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci has held a meeting today with the ambassadors of the USA, Greg Delawie, UK, Ruairi O’Conell, France, Germany and Italy and the EU ambassador to Kosovo, Natalyia Apostolova to talk about the preparations of the elections in Kosovo. In this meeting, Thaci has demanded from the representatives of these countries to make it clear to Serb authorities that Serbia will not be allowed to interfere in Kosovo’s domestic affairs.

“I would like you to send a clear message to Serb authorities not to intimidate or threaten the Serbs of Kosovo and prevent them from expressing their political will”, Thaci said.

President Thaci said that he was sure that the elections would go well, however, “there’s a growing concern on the fact that Serbs of Kosovo may be intimidated or threatened by Serbia”.

Meanwhile, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic called on the Serbs of Kosovo to vote the Serb List on Sunday’s elections in Kosovo. /

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