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Serbia shall not give up on Kosovo

Serbia shall not give up on Kosovo
The head of the Kosovo Office at the Serb government, Marko Djuric has denied the possibility that Serbia may remove Kosovo from its Constitution.

According to analysts, this positioning of the Serb politics shows that it’s hart for the relations between the two countries to be relaxed in the near future.

“We will not give up on Kosovo and our biggest weapon is insistence. We will never accept that our country (Kosovo) to be ripped off our most beautiful cities”, Djuric said.

On the other hand, minister for Dialogue, at the government of Kosovo, Edita Tahiri said that Serbia will be asked to remove Kosovo from its Constitution.

According to her, there cannot be reconciliation with Serbia’s controversial Constitution.

Analyst Vilhard Shala told IBNA that the political crisis in Serbia is not ready to accept the principle of good neighboring relations, which is a request of the European Commission.

“Serbia’s foreign policy has not changed since the ‘90s. On one hand they talk about all the dimensions and a joint regional market and on the other, Belgrade has territorial claims on Kosovo. With this political destructive, we don’t expect relations between the two countries”, Shala says. /

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