Rama praises Vucic's statement

Rama praises Vucic's statement
“There’s still a lot to do to come out of the tunnel of a history filled with bloody cruelties, such as the history of the Balkans, where in the recent years have been taken so many steps forward that even the most optimistic could not have fathomed. Even the statement by Aleksandar Vucic, the newly elected Serb President, could not be imagined a few years ago…”.

This is how the Albanian PM, Edi Rama has commented a statement by Aleksandar Vucic, who unfolded in front for his people, the reasons why there should be talks about Kosovo and Metohia. According to him, this is decisive for Serbia and the Serb people.

“Without any doubt, this is a choice that aims to understand each other better, through incessant dialogue, in the name of love for the children of both our nations and the responsibility for a future with peace and prosperity for our nations”, Rama ended his comment

“Today, more than ever it is important for us to look into the mirror and see the wounds that we have on our faces and try to heal what is possible to heal and not give up as a result of the problems that we face. Why am I asking the Serb people and other citizens of Serbia to talk on the issue of Kosovo and Metohia”, the head of the Serb state has written. /balkaneu.com/

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