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Puigdemont brings Cantalan crisis in Brussels

Puigdemont brings Cantalan crisis in Brussels
"I'm not in Brussels to ask for political asylum," said Carles Puigdemont, speaking at a press conference in Brussels. In a crowded room, with about 250 media representatives from around the world and ... organizational chaos, the outgoing Catalan Prime Minister spoke in three languages ​​(Catalan, English and French) about his intentions. Which, however, did not clear up.

Puigdemont assured thathe came to Brussels, the "heart of Europe", to make the canalan issue go international, but he did not explicitly refuse the chance to ask for asylum in the future. "I will stay in Belgium as long as the circumstances may need," he said, strongly criticizing the Spanish government that threatens by the accusations against him in Spain." So he said, he and his five ministers would stay in Brussels until they have "sufficient guarantees for a fair trial in Spain." He himself, however, denied having any influence on the Belgian internal political scene.

According to rumors Puigdemont's first intention was to seek asylum in Belgium. But he and his team did not get enough assurances that such an idea could work so he changed his mind. At the press conference, however, he claimed that he is still the prime minister of the Catalan region.../IBNA

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