Police: Albanian territory will be under full control

Police: Albanian territory will be under full control
Albanian territory will be under the full control of the authorities, in order not to allow any violations or abuses with it.

This was declared today by the Albanian Police Commissioner, Haki Çako, following a meeting with chiefs of police and regional chiefs of border and emigration police.

According to him, in spite of the police efforts to fight unlawfulness around the country, there are still complaints sent in by people.

Çako added that some criminal offenses against the environment such as the unlawful cutting of wood, illegal fishing, setting fires to forests, etc, have been subject to negligence on the side of  police.

According to him, another important task that police should do is investigate and bring to justice all public servants who have the duty of monitoring the territory and prevent the offenses mentioned above. /balkaneu.com/

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