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More earthquakes in the Ohrid region

More earthquakes in the Ohrid region
More earthquakes have been felt in the Ohrid region. According to the Seismologic Observatory in Skopje, a new earthquake measuring 3,7 in the Richter’s scale was registered this morning. According to the observatory, the earthquake was registered around 03:54, while the epicenter of the earthquake was 6 km in the east of Ohrid.

The strongest earthquake was felt yesterday at 11:39 am, measuring 3.9 in the Richter’s scale, with its epicenter 7 km in the northwest of Resen.

From 18 May up until today, around 800 earthquakes have been registered in the Ohrid region. The majority of them have been weak, measuring 1 or 2 in the Richter’s scale. /

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