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KSED sets up Integrated Coastal Observation System

KSED sets up Integrated Coastal Observation System
The Center for the Coordination of Research and Rescue (KSED) has developed an Integrated Coastal Observation System (UPSP), which provides the opportunity to observe the marine environment near the coasts and within the territorial waters of the Republic of Cyprus, with the purpose of spotting, identifying targets up to 25 km from the coast.

The system includes a number of long-range thermal cameras and day/night cameras at selected fixed locations in the island, mobile units on 4x4 vehicles, and unmanned aircraft for aerial observation. The captured image is transferred in real time via telecommunication circuits to the Control Centers at the CCCT and the ZENON Coordinating Center and other government services.

The OPIS is a strategic project of the Republic of Cyprus that was completed in May 2017. It has been implemented in three phases and has already been included in the European Solidarity Fund programs for funding, namely the External Border Fund (Phase A) and the Internal Security Fund (Phases B and C)./IBNA

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