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Kosovo’s country code is soon to become fully functional

Kosovo’s country code is soon to become fully functional
From the majority of countries in the world, Kosovo can be called through its country code, +383, meanwhile, at the beginning of 2018, the current codes will start to be removed.

According to the chairman of the Board of the Electronic and Postal Communications Watchdog, Kreshik Gashi, the existing codes will be removed until next June.

“So far, the majority of the countries of the world can call Kosovo through +383 country code. In 2018, the other existing codes will be removed and by 30 June 2018, Kosovo will only be reached through its country code +383”, Gashi says.

According to Gashi, the biggest burden once these changes are made falls on telephone operators, because they must make the necessary technical changes within their structure.

Kosovo has 2 million mobile and land line users.

The absence of a country code and the use of other country codes caused great losses to Kosovo. With the new code in place, Kosovo will have big economic advantages and the costs incurred by the absence of the country code, will be eliminated. /

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