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Incentive to remove Attorney General Zvrlevski

Incentive to remove Attorney General Zvrlevski
FYROM’s government has launched an incentive to remove Attorney General, Marko Zvrlevski. The government says that Zvrlevski has worked in an unprofessional and unlawful way. The proposal has also been sent to the Public Prosecutors Committee. Once the committee offers its opinion, the proposal will be delivered to Parliament. After that, parliamentary groups along with the speaker of Parliament will decided on the day when Zvrlevski’s discharge is introduced in the agenda. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that Zvrlevski’s discharge marks the start of the reforms in justice.

“The first important step in the judicial reforms is the election of an expert to serve as Attorney General. This way, we will prove how prepared we are as a society to start reforms”, Prime Minister Zaev declared. On the first day in office as Prime Minister, Zaev called on the Attorney General to stand down. /

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