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Green light for Asteria Glyfada project by Greek CoS

Green light for Asteria Glyfada project by Greek CoS
The Council of State, Greece’s supreme administrative court decided to allow a plan for the development of tourist facilities in Asteria Glyfada, in the district of Glyfada declaring all hotels there legal.

The decision came earlier on Monday with the court rejecting a petition by six locals who were against the project for environmental reasons.

The area is now under the control and supervision of "Nafsika", a company that has leased the place. It is expected that the company will create a high-quality-five-star hotel with a capacity of 400 beds.

The Supreme Administrative Court reassured all that both the Greek constitution and a relevant forestry code do not find such projects in forest areas illegal especially so when facilities like the ones "Nafsika" plans to build, already existed.../IBNA

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