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Gerald Knaus comments on the name issue

Gerald Knaus comments on the name issue
A proposal on the name issue, which has a high probability of success, is that of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), as had been formulated in 2009, and provided for fYROMacedonia to accept a name with a geographical definition to be incorporated into its constitution and will apply erga omnes, but from the time fYROMacedonia joins the EU, Gerald Knaus, president of think tank European Stability Initiative (ESI), said.

"In this way you are sending the message that all the other issues are left to be discussed over the next 10 years, and then there is much more room for success", Knaus said in his statement to the media in Skopje and underlined that the key point of this proposal is that it gives Greece an incentive to help fYROMacedonia join the EU.

He also considered that the main issue for both sides would be to secure support for the compromise inside their countries, as the referendum on the name in fYROMacedonia could cause a referendum to be held in Greece as well, offering the opportunity for the nationalists to voice their views and hurt the climate between the two countries./IBNA

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