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FYROM’s PM to visit Sofia

FYROM’s PM to visit Sofia
Prime Minister of FYROM, Zoran Zaev will travel to Sofia tomorrow. This is his second visit after the one held in Brussels. He said that he has chosen Sofia to issue signals that the new government is committed in improving relations with the neighboring countries, while underlining that authorities in Sofia have announced their support for the Euro-Atlantic integration plans.

“If we show a friendly approach, a solution can be found for everything. Macedonia will look into the European future and not the European past”, Zaev said.

Zaev also said that he is hoping on the support of Bulgaria in the aspect of Euro integration, as Bulgaria will soon take over the EU presidency.

FYROM and Bulgaria have pending issues regarding the language and history. Another problem relates to the fact that the two countries do not recognize the respective communities in both countries. FYROM and Bulgaria are holding talks to draft a joint declaration aimed at tightening relations and overcoming differences. /

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