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Forensic economists in Serbia

Forensic economists in Serbia

By Milos Mitrovic - Belgrade

Serbian Ministry of Justice and Public administration will adopt the Strategy for the development of financial inquiries. The Strategy implies introduction of the new profession – forensic economists. The experiences of other countries have shown that forensic economists contributed in preventing financial frauds, Ministry explained.

“Introducing these professionals will be very important with regard to resolving complicated financial inquiries”, Mirjana Mihajlovic, the adviser with the Ministry told Beta news agency.

Mihajlovic explained that appropriate analysis would be conducted in order to define both - how many forensic economists would be needed and their training.

„It is certain that the training should be serious one and it may last one or two semesters“.

The Strategy for the development of financial inquiries is to be adopted in the second half of 2014. Mihajlovic stressed this would be just one segment in fight against systematic corruption in Serbia.

With regard to other countries in the region, forensic economists have been introduced in Croatia. Croatian experience has shown that forensic economist have not only helped inquiries; they have also prevented wrongdoings, especially financial ones.

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