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Forced donations to Bulgarian schools have parents on edge

Forced donations to Bulgarian schools have parents on edge
Bulgarian National Television (BNT) just re-examined a problem parents of schoolchildren run into in many cases. They are being forced to donate fixed amounts of money to the state schools their children attend. The problem: State schools are being funded by the state. And donations should never be forced or fixed.

Especially in Sofia, many schools seem to be sticking to that policy, in spite of a warning letter all schools received from Bulgaria's Minister of Education, Krassimir Velchev, after the summer holidays. His definition of how schools can be supported does not include forced donations.

Many parents are upset. First of all, there are many who simply can not afford to donate anything to anyone. Secondly, they disagree with the forced donations policy and with the pressure applied to them. Kids whose parents have not paid those "donations" are being reminded constantly.../IBNA


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