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Financial crimes dominate in Albania

Financial crimes dominate in Albania
Financial crimes seem to account for the largest part of criminal offenses in Albania. This is confirmed by the recent data issued by the Institute of Statistics,  according to which crimes against assets and financial crimes account for 39.4% of the total. This is followed by crimes against the state authority occupying 35.8% of the total and crimes against individuals with 20.3% of the total.

INSTAT reports that in the first quarter of 2017, the number of criminal financial offenses which have been committed was 2.956.

However, compared to a year ago, they have gone down by 9.8%.

Meanwhile, as far as criminal acts affecting law and order are concerned, it is said that they account for the largest percentage of crimes committed against the state’s authority with around 76%, registering a slight fall of 2.9% compared to the same period a year ago. /

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