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EU unblocks funds for FYROM

EU unblocks funds for FYROM
The executive board of WBIF (Western Balkan Investment Framework) based in Stockholm, Sweden, has unblocked the financial aid of the European Union for FYROM.

The news was confirmed by the deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Bujar Osmani. According to Osmani, the EU has decided to allocate over 110 million euros for infrastructural projects in FYROM and all of this thanks to the new political climate in the country.

“The funds have been unblocked as a result of the political climate in the country. We’re aiming to benefit new funds, by implementing all the recommendations of the EU”, Osmani said.

According to him, out of this fund of 110 million euros, 75 million euros will go for Corridor 8 railway, over 27 million euros for the road linking Gostivar to Kercova and 7 million euros for the road which links the border crossing point of Deve Bair with Bulgaria and the border town of Kriva Palanka.

In the recent years, the European Union blocked the funds for different projects in FYROM, issuing a signal that the country should hold free and fair elections. /

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