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Energy efficiency saves money, increases employment and protects

Energy efficiency saves money, increases employment and protects
Pristina, 8 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Institute for Development Policies organized a conference today dubbed “Energy Efficiency for Development”. The conference marked the end of the Week of Energy Efficiency which has been held in the framework of the project for “Support of the public and private sector in the implementation of energy efficiency measures”.

At the start of the conference, Burim Ejupi, executive director of INDEP, said that the main scope of the project is to educate businesses and citizens on the benefits that come from applying energy efficiency measures.

“The amount of funding has been symbolic, namely 2500 euros, but the awareness of businesses to invest is one of the biggest successes of the project”, Mr. Ejupi said.

Ejupi also informed participants that the beneficiaries of the grant were projects which have invested in different efficiency measures such as projects for efficient lighting, isolation, efficient equipment and solar panels.

Meanwhile, the representative of the European Union to Kosovo, which has funded the project, said that energy efficiency is a key factor that contributed in economic growth and sustainable development and that efficient equipment will boost competition and the quality of products and services. He said that the EU office along with local partners such as INDEP have managed to introduce energy efficiency in the agenda of policy makers, businesses and society in general.

Present in the conference were also representatives of central and local government. /ibna/

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