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Dodik on the idea of “Great Albania”

Dodik on the idea of “Great Albania”
RS President, Milorad Dodik, said on Wednesday in Banja Luka that RS supports Serbia's policy relating to its territorial integrity, and that it was confirmed with the refusal to recognize Kosovo's declaration of independency and consider this document unacceptable.

"Our position is linked solely to support the territorial integrity of Serbia. We earlier warned that Albania is interfering in the territorial interests of other countries, but Albanians are taught to behave like that in the Balkans. We cannot accept that", Dodik said to the media in Banja Luka.

Commenting the media reports from Serbia, who write about aspirations for the establishment of a "Greater Albania", Dodik said that to be "for" or "against" does not mean that the process can be stopped. Dodik believes that the Albanians intend to do something because, if such an idea had come from the Prime Minister of Albania or Kosovo, it is far more serious than an informal gathering of sympathizers of this idea.

"There is a belief among many politicians in the region and Europe that the support the Albanians, given through the solution of the issue of Kosovo, even the support given to the Albanians in Macedonia, says that there is a tendency of the wider international, primarily Western countries, community to support the Albanians in all their requirements, so it would not be surprising to support them in the establishment of the `Great Albania`", Dodik stated./IBNA

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