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Cyprus: British premier visits Akrotiri Sovereign Base

Cyprus: British premier visits Akrotiri Sovereign Base
Three days before Christmas, Teresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK paid a brief visit to the British Sovereign Base in Akrotiri, on southern Cyprus to praise the soldiers who are serving there and thank them for their role in fighting ISIS.

May addressed the nearly 200 soldiers of the base, saying "It is you who take down our enemies and stand by our allies when the going gets tough. Today, thanks in very large part to your efforts, the so-called Caliphate has been crushed and no longer holds significant territory in Iraq or Syria," she told troops against on the tarmac with a pair of warplanes as a backdrop, reports AP.

The male and female troops of the SBA have attacked the Islamic State group with more than 1,600 air strikes in Iraq and Syria, with May noting how important a role they play also in training more soldiers. The world is well aware of the turmoil in that region so, the soldiers' top priority is to maintain stability and make ISIS members beat a retreat.../IBNA

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