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Calligraphy exhibition “Cities meet in Skopje”

Calligraphy exhibition “Cities meet in Skopje”
“Cities meet in Skopje” is the title of the calligraphy exhibition opened last night in Skopje with the works of the Turkish calligraphist Mahmut Enes Kemer and other calligraphist from FYROM. The exhibition opened at the “Çifte Amam” Gallery of Arts and was organized by the Union of Turkish NGOs MATUSITEB and Turkish Cultural Institute “Yunus Emre” based in Skopje.

Calligraphist Mahmut Enes Kemer said that he arrived in FYROM from Istanbul as a student and here he has wanted to show the art that he had created for a long time.


“As a Turkish artisan, I’m trying to teach people here the art of calligraphy. With the courses that we have organized, we have made friends from many nations of the world”, said Kemer, adding that for this he has worked with colleagues from FYROM, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. /

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