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Bulgaria’s proposed new Borissov coalition cabinet: 10 things to know

Bulgaria’s proposed new Borissov coalition cabinet: 10 things to know
Boiko Borissov, expected to be elected Bulgaria’s prime minister on May 4 2017, has announced the members of his third government, a coalition between his GERB party and the nationalist United Patriots. Here are 10 things worth knowing about the coming cabinet.

1. This is the first time that a nationalist political force has a seat – in fact, four of them – at the Cabinet table in Bulgaria’s democratic history. At that, through their two deputy prime ministers, the United Patriots have oversight over internal security and public order, and economic and demographic policy.

2. Gender balance: Borissov, in spite of his repeated statements over the years about a preference for appointing women to positions of power, has never been very good at it. His first cabinet, in office from 2009 to 2013, has four women cabinet ministers out of a total of 17 (even allowing for cabinet changes that pushed the number up and down slightly over the years in power, the net result was the same). His second cabinet – which began with three parties sharing out the seats at the table – had eight women out of 19 ministers. This time around, there is one woman deputy prime minister, making a total of five out of 21./IBNA

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