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Albanians are buying more and more insurance

Albanians are buying more and more insurance
Albanians look as if they are becoming more aware on the habit of insurance and this is indicated by the growing number of policies that they are buying from insurance companies.

This phenomenon is confirmed by the latest report published by the Financial Oversight Committee (AMF) on the insurance market in the country.

According to this report, “during the period January-March 2017, the number of insurance policies that have been bought amounted to 275.020, 23.65% higher than the same period in 2016.”

The report adds that the market continues to be driven by non-life insurance policies, which occupy 92.67% of the general volume of policies, indicating that Albanians are more interested in insuring their properties and assets than their life and health. Life and insurance policies occupy 7.31% of the total. This report also suggests that obligatory insurance still has a high value, accounting for 60.29% of the market total. In spite of the recent growth, voluntary insurance is still less with 39.71% of the total. /

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