Albanian President meets with Italian senior officials

Albanian President meets with Italian senior officials
President of Albania, Ilir Meta is holding an official visit to Italy, the first one abroad after taking office over a month ago.

Meta has initially held a meeting with his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella, where the two counterparts discussed matters of security, stressing the need for a boost of cooperation between law enforcement agencies in order to have an efficient fight against organized crime, terrorism, illicit traffics in the Mediterranean and both sides of the Adriatic.

Meanwhile, the head of the Albanian state has also had a meeting with the speaker of the Chamber of Representatives at the Italian Parliament, Laura Boldrini. During this meeting, Meta praised the relations and the strategic partnership between the two countries and expressed his determination to promote and further strengthen these relations in all domains.

Both interlocutors agreed on the need of promoting legal incentives which give way to concrete projects for the recognition of the contribution of Albanians who live in Italy with the scope of guaranteeing all-inclusiveness for them and their families. /

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