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Albanian exports increase, exports decrease

Albanian exports increase, exports decrease
In Albania, exports continue to increase and exports continue to drop. Such information was also confirmed in the latest report of the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) on foreign trade. According to this report, during the month of April, exports were 24 billion ALL and registered an increase of 13.6% compared to the same period a year ago and an increase of 1.6% compared to March 2017.

Meanwhile, as far as imports are concerned, INSTAT reports that in April, they amounted to 50 billion ALL, or 4.3% less compared to a year ago and 7.7% less than in March 2017.

“Trade deficit this month is 26 billion ALL, registering a decrease of 16.5% compared to the month of April 2016 and 15.4% compared to March 2017”, INSTAT report further reads. /

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